About Me


I’m Ewa, London and the Midlands based freelance makeup artist with 15 years experience. I had great opportunities to work with some of the best makeup artists allowing me to perfect my craft. I collaborated with some of the best brands and retailers from Clarins, Chanel, Fresh Beauty, Alexandre the Paris to Fortnum & Maison and Harrods. I’m also Charlotte Tilbury certified freelance makeup artist. I run a successful beauty blog called Social Beautify and still work as a freelance makeup artist both commercially and with individual clients.

I love empowering women for makeup and teaching them to do it themselves. Commercial projects give me often creative freedom while working with individual customers, puts a smile on my face. You just can’t beat the feeling in the stomach when you make brides eyes sparkle and give her the strength to climb the mountain. If you have a big day ahead, a wedding, prom or an important event get in touch! I’d be your best destination for makeup whatever the occasion.

I believe that perfect makeup comes from an understanding between the artist and the client. Knowing what someone wants and guiding them to what’s best for them.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.